Science of Hockey at the Discovery Science Center

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to preview the Science of Hockey permanent exhibit at the Discovery Science Center.The Discovery Science Center has teamed up with the Anaheim Ducks and the NHL to bring you this fantastic hands on exhibit. The exhibit officially opens on April 2nd.
I have to start off by saying that your kiddos will absolutely love the exhibit!!!Two of the highlights of the exhibit are You be the Goalie and You be the Shooter. Your kiddos will absolutely love this. The interactive You be the Goalie experience allows you to put on the skates of a NHL Goalie and learn all about blocking goals. The You be the Shooter allows you to shoot a puck at a virtual goalie. The kids are going to be all over this. I wanted to shoot a few rounds myself!!
The exhibit also features a replica of a Zamboni Machine. This is going to be a favorite. The kids can play with the the different buttons and of course play with the wheel. It’s some serious fun!!
The penalty box is another fan favorite. When your little hockey players are sent to the penalty box- they must use their math skills to be able to get out. It’s a great way to test those math skills!!
My personal favorite interactive experience is the Broadcast Booth. Here your kids can play broadcaster and do a play by play. I could play with this forever!! If your kiddos love play acting this will be a sure hit.

Another experience sure to be a hit is the Skater Challenge. Your kiddos will be able to test their skating skills against a professional hockey player and skate through a NHL skating drill.

Other experiences are reaction time-Test your reaction time to sound, light, and vibration. Place your hands on the surface of the exhibit, and then wait…. when the sound, light or vibration is activated, a timer begins and you must hit the stop button as fast as you can!
Sounds of the Game is another experience which allows you to explore the principles of sound using actual audio and video footage of a hockey game.
The friction table will allow you to test and compare how pucks move on various surfaces and learn about the effect that friction has on movement of the puck.
Your family will love the new exhibit. It is located on the upper floor of The Cube. Make sure to check it out- You will love it!!