Babysitting and Movie Theaters- A perfect combo!!

If you have kids – you know how hard it can be to catch a flick or have a datenight. Babysitters can be hard to come by and can cost an arm and a leg. I was recently tipped off by my hubby of all people( I think he was dropping major hints that we need a movie night) of two movie theaters that offer in-lobby babysitting/play center.

The Harkins Movie Theater Chain offers a play center in the lobby and only a few steps away from your auditorium. The babysitting rate is only $6.00 per child and is for children 3-8 that are potty trained. The staff all have background and disclosure check and are CPR certified. There are crafts, games and of course movies!! I know that I can’t wait until my son turns 3 and I can enjoy a night at the movies with the hubby knowing that the kids will only be a few feet away from me and that babysitting will not cost me an arm and a leg!!

The Harkins Theaters are located in Chino Hills and Moreno Valley. The Chino Hills play center location is open 7 days a week and the Moreno Valley is open Mon, Wed,Fri-Sun.

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