Disney Sunday- A little bit of Pixie Dust- Guest Blog

This week’s installment of Disney Sunday comes from Katie, from the fun blog OCMomactivities. She is a Disney Fanatic like me and had some great tips on your next visit to Disneyland or Disney’s California Adventure.

She writes…

One of the things I love most about Disneyland is the amount of layers of magic the Imagineers work to create. It leaves people wondering if all things are intentional or just plain coincidence. I’m sure it’s intentional, but I love to think it is coincidence with a sprinkle of pixie dust magic! Pay close attention to everything and explore, but in the meantime here are a few of my favorite elements that are often missed by first time visitors (or sometimes even regulars) to the parks:

Did you know that Disneyland and California Adventure are home to a number of resident cats? If you look closely you can see the little cat houses while riding the Disneyland Railroad after going past the Hungry Bear. We’ve been greeted by several of the cats as we sat on the bottom level of the Hungry Bear in the back corner. I’ve been told there is also a cat house behind the train that Bur-r-r Bank Ice Cream is in and on the right as you head towards Soarin’ over California. The cats are reported by castmembers to have Disney themed names. I think it’s safe to say that the cats are there to cut down on rodent problems. Those sure are lucky cats that get to call Disneyland and California Adventure home!

Did you know that if you eat something at one of the restaurants at the Disney theme parks, that you can ask for the recipe and they will bring it to you? How cool is that! There are some great salad dressings at the Pizza Port and some great sandwiches over in New Orleans Square. Imagine bringing a dish to a pot luck and being able to call it “Pizza Port Salad” or “New Orleans Square Po Boy Sandwiches”, talk about a conversation starter!

Have you ever noticed the hidden Mickey Mouse on the face of the golf ball that comes flying at you in Soarin’ Over California? I bet once you do, you’ll never – not see it again!

Have you ever wondered what the room is above the Fire Station on Main Street in Disneyland? Walt Disney had an apartment built for himself above the Fire Station for him to stay in. There is even a private veranda for him to wander where he could quietly see guests wandering the park. The apartment is exactly the same as the way he left it years ago (cleaned and refurbished!). A light is left on for him in the front window and hasn’t gone out since he passed away. So the next time you pass by, take a minute to remember Walt and all that he built.

Did you know that all of the plants in Tomorrowland are edible? Well, in theory they are, but the actual ones planted aren’t meant to be actually eaten! But I have personally seen rosemary bushes, chili pepper plants, cabbage plants, lettuce plants, bell pepper plans among others as we wait in the lines.

Did you know that you can get a “Death Certificate” at the Haunted Mansion? I didn’t know this one until recently. Be aware that not all the castmembers working the ride will know what you are talking about, so you many have to ask a couple of different ones, but ask as you are entering the buggies and one will be waiting for you at the end of the ride. That’s pretty funny.

And last but not least, my personal favorite… Are you in on the Goat Trick on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad? If you’ve done the trick right, you know it. If not, it’s actually pretty simple. The next time you’re on the ride ask for the back rows (rows 11- 15 are ideal). On the second climb up (the one with the turtles and snakes on the left), position yourself at a right looking angle so you are looking out the right side of the train comfortably. As you begin to crest the hill, notice the billy goat on the right hand side in the center of the curve. Stare at the goat and DON’T STOP until you literally can’t look anymore. You’ll find yourself dizzy and disoriented and it makes the rest of the ride just a bit more fun. If you didn’t get it right, ride the ride again because it’s just plain fun!

Katie is a working mother of two active boys and lives in South Orange County. She’s made it her passion to fill her children’s lives with fun adventures . She chronicles their adventures at OCMomActivities.com in hopes of inspiring other parents to do the same.


  1. OCMomActivities - Katie says:

    Thanks for including my guest post! I had lots of fun writing the post and had a hard time editing out all the other random facts about DL & DCA I have learned over the years! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ha! Ha! The cats at Disneyland and DCA are feral cats. There are hundreds of them and they don't have names. Pest control takes care of any rodents. The cats eat the food thrown in the bushes by people too lazy to use a trash can. If they get friendly with guests they are removed from the park. I wish they'd get rid of them…but I'm not a cat lover.

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