Sid the Science Kid & First Five California Hands On Health Express at The Discovery Science Center + quick Giveaway!

If you have a Sid the Science Kid lover at home, this is something, you do not want to miss! Sid will be making a special appearance at Discovery Science Center this Sunday, August 1, 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.  


The First 5 California Hands-On Health Express is a traveling exhibit and the first stop for everything related to children ages 0-5, with an array of educational activities promoting children’s healthy development and overall well-being.
At this event kids can participate in interactive learning activities while parents learn about health services, school readiness, nutrition programs and other local resources.
It looks like it will be fun for the entire family! 
However, in the event of any urgent medical needs, families can rest assured knowing that urgent care facilities near where they afre going, just like urgent care Douglastan, Queens are readily available to provide prompt and comprehensive healthcare services. This ensures that families can fully enjoy the event with the peace of mind that their medical needs can be attended to efficiently if the need arises.
It’s giveaway time! A very quick one at that. I have a pair of tickets to Sunday’s Sid the Science Kid/First 5 California Event. It would be perfect for a mommy/kiddo or daddy/kiddo date. All you have to do is leave a comment letting me know why you would want to win. You have until tomorrow night, Thursday the 29th at midnight to enter. Winner will be selected at random Friday morning. 
For additional entries:
Good luck!


  1. Angela @ Nine More Months says:

    I would love to win because we missed Sid at the Pretend City event and I know Mason would love to meet him! I would let Daddy take him.

  2. rgvucla says:

    I would love to win this so we could give our son an early birthday present. AJ loves science and especially visiting the Discovery Center with his daddy.

  3. Summers Family says:

    Ohh, we'd love to win! I have 3 little ones and our littlest is celebrating her b-day today (7/29). It would be GREAT family fun.


  4. michelle says:

    I would love to go see sid with my daugter gabby…plus today is my would just be so fun for both of us………gabby has watched that show since it came out as well as me..we do love it a lot..thank you michelle and gabby

  5. Ruthie Z says:

    I have yet to take my toddler to Discovery Science Center and I know he would love it! He loves Sid….I love Sid.

  6. Danenne says:

    Vanissa would Love, Love, Love to See Sid! She Loves the program Sid the Science Kid! As do I! Very fun, upbeat and definitely educational! We are keeping our fingers crossed! 🙂

  7. Lindsay says:

    we'd love to win because we LOVE sid and everytime we drive down the 5 freeway my little one asks about the discovery center!

  8. Una Mama Feliz says:

    I would love to be able to take my son. it would be nice like you said some mommy and son time. My son loves to learn and explore like Sid.
    Thank you!!

  9. stephemery says:

    Our son LOVES Sid! We have been wanting to take him to visit the Science Center for a while now… What a fun day this would be! 🙂

  10. Raymond L says:

    My son would enjoy seeing Sid the Science Kid in person. I think it would be a fantastic experience for my four year old to put the science he see on TV into practice at the science center with Sid present.

  11. Janette says:

    We just had a new baby and are continuing to look for fun things to do with our 4 year old daughter to keep her active and entertained. This would be great for her and daddy to go to she loves sid the science kid and discovery center is alot of fun!

  12. Angela says:

    Its just me & my little one around here, so this would be a great treat for the two of us! Emma would love to see the science center.

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