Miramar Air Show- Free General Admission and Parking

Have you ever wanted to attend the best air show in the nation? You are in luck because San Diego is home to the best air show in the country, the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Air Show. The Miramar Air Show will be taking place from October 2nd to October 4th. The theme for the 2009 air show is “A Salute to Teamwork” and is dedicated to the magnificent men and women who are the heart and soul of Marine Aviation and the inventory of aircraft they fly and maintain.
It is a truly a fun family event that is not to be missed. Everyone needs to see this show at least once in their lifetime. The best part is that General Admission, Parking and blanket seating are free of charge! You can also purchase tickets if you would like reserved seating. There are different preserved seating options that range from around $5 for adults and $3 for children. There is something available for every budget. You can also just bring a lawn chair and enjoy the show for free!
I can’t wait to take my son to this. He is going to love it. We are going to try to catch the twilight show on Saturday night. To read all about the show, including what you can bring and other questions you might have and ordering your prefered tickets online head over here.

MCAS Miramar Air Show
October 2,3&4, 2009
Marine Corps Station
Miramar, (San Diego)California