Binge The Summer Away with Netflix

Growing it up we depended on the TV guide to find when our favorite shows would be airing. I recall waking up at 5:30 AM weekdays to catch Scooby Doo and then Inspector Gadget. Then we were blessed of the amazing era of the VCR and then DVR, where you could program the machine to record a show so that you could view it later. Now, we have amazing services like Netflix, where we can watch whatever we want to watch whenever we want to watch it.

Now that’s its summertime, our kids have a lot of freedom to binge watch their favorite shows, but I am honestly doing my best to balance their time. When I need mommy time, is when Netflix comes in very handy in our house. Is binging series programs a thing in your home?

Speaking of Inspector Gadget and binge watching, did you know that season 3 of the Netflix exclusive Inspector Gadget series just premiered?

Go Go Gadget Fun!






*I am a part of the Netflix Stream Team and have be compensated for this post.

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