Annual Passes and Memberships that offer payment options

We love to discover new places and it can get a bit expensive sometimes. It would be almost impossible for my family to afford the various memberships and annual passes we have if it wasn’t for payment plan options.

The payment plan option allows my family to budget our entertainment slot for the month. We currently have passes to Disneyland, Sea World and the Discovery Science Center. I’m planning on adding Legoland to our list. Basically the payment plan option allows you to buy a year membership or pass in payments. For example our Sea World passes cost us about 24 months for all 3 passes, while our Discovery Science Center membership was paid on a $40 down payment and 4 monthly payments of $14.75. The best part is that payment plan options never charge you interest as opposed to a credit card. It’s a great deal!

Below are the payments options for each venue

  • Discovery Science Center – Family Membership Easy Pay Plan-For only $40 down and four monthly payments of $14.75, you can purchase a family membership and visit Discovery Science Center for free for an entire year- For additional info head here
  • Sea World EZ Pay Option – EZ pay is a simple monthly payment program that makes Sea World membership affordable. Available for Silver and Platinum Passports, pay only the first month payment on your first visit. The silver plan is $8.25 a month. For additional info head here
  • Legoland – Membership Plus- Monthly payments of $11.95 or $9.95 for children. Pay only the first monthly payment on your first visit. For additional info head here.
  • Disneyland/Disney’s California Adventure – purchase your pass at the Main Entrance Ticket Booth at the Resort. You pay for the 1 day ticket-$72.00 and pay as little as $5.42 a month for the rest of the year. For additional info head here.

SeaWorld Annual passes- EZ Pay Payment Option

This past weekend my family and I headed down South to San Diego. We had a fantastic time and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you during the next couple of days. We also had the opportunity to visit SeaWorld. We have usually just bought the SeaWorld Fun Card which basically boils down to buy one day and get the rest of the year for free with some black out days and no parking.

This year we decided to mix it up a bit as we are looking to stretch our dollar a bit. We like to head to San Diego often and decided to upgrade and purchase a Silver Passport instead. We figured we could head down a couple of more times this summer and on the weekends once tourist season is over. The Silver passport is around $30 more than the fun card but it includes parking and is more like an annual pass- since the pass expires 12 months from the date of purchase. The best part is that you can buy your pass in payments- with no financing! It’s called EZ pay and our Silver Passport will cost us around $8.25 a month per person. We only paid the first payment on Saturday. I believe we paid $24.75 and will have 11 more payments throughout the year. It’s a great deal for us because we know we will get much use of our pass and because sometimes coming up with a couple of hundred dollars for admission can be a bit overwhelming. I know that breaking it down for us makes it much more affordable.

I can’t wait to share with you our adventures down south and to also pick a winner for the Angel’s 4 pack. Will share tonight. Have a fantastic week!

Disneyland Resort Annual Pass – Payment Plan

With the state of the economy it can be kind of tough to plop down a couple of hundred dollars to buy annual passes for the entire family. The folks at Disney have come up with a solution to this problem by allowing you to buy your pass in payments. The only caveat is that the offer is available only to Southern California Residents.

It works like this for new annual passes – first, purchase your pass at the Main Entrance Ticket Booth at the Resort. You pay for the 1 day ticket-$69.00 and pay as little as $5.42 a month for the rest of the year.

If you are a renewing Annual Passholder – you have a choice – you can prepay the entire year or pay month by month. Go to Disneyland Main Entrance Ticket booth to renew if you would like to set up a payment plan. This is a great deal if you would like to spread your payments apart. I hope many will use. I have been an annual passholder for over a decade and I just love visiting the park. I love that I can take my time and if it’s crowded only do a couple of rides and not be in a rush. It’s also a great date night without the kiddos. I had a “girls night out” with my 12 year old niece last Saturday and we had such a blast. We got there at 8:30pm and rode all the “big kid” rides that I don’t usually get to ride in about 2 hours. If you don’t have a pass already – get one – you will love it!! The best part is that you get into both parks.. It’s a total deal!!!